At the Museum

1 / Make up and tell a story:
Use your imagination: Look at the following photos and choose one.

The cheater
(Georges de La Tour)
The Raft of the Medusa (Théodore Géricault)
The very rich hours of the Duke
by Berry
(the Duke of Berry)
The fruit seller
(Alfred Courmes)
The Abduction of the Sabine Women (Louis David)
The Toilet of Venus
(Francois Boucher)
A Sunday afternoon on the Île de la Grande Jatte (Georges Seurat)

Describe the scene with your neighbor and imagine a story from the painting. For example, you can tell what happened / will happen before and after the scene in the painting, you can describe the character of the people depicted, etc.
2 / Au Musée des Beaux-Arts:
2.1. Discuss with your neighbor which art you like using the following sentences:
-For me art is something that ...
-I especially like images that ...
-I prefer exhibitions where ...
-What I like most are museums that ...
-I know several artists, including ...
2.2. Now discuss painting by answering the following questions: - Do you prefer modern paintings or older paintings? Explain. -Which painters do you know? Which do you prefer? Why?
-What exhibitions have you seen in a museum? True?
2.3. Look at the following paintings.
-What does each painting represent?
-What is the style of the painting?
-What colors are used?
-Which painting (s) do you prefer?
-Why do you prefer it?
- Which one do you not like at all? Explain.
 2.4. Discuss the paintings with the whole class.

Redskin sorcerer Léautaud
(Jean Dubuffet)
The inspiration of the poet
(Nicolas Poussin)
Room in Arles (Vincent Van
The Breaking  
(Sonia Delaunay)
The creation of
the man
(Marc Chagall)

3. Preparing / organizing a trip:
3.1. make notes
Do not write complete sentences. Try to do original things when traveling. You only have two days and you want to have fun. Also think about the meals and especially what you want to do in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. Where will you spend the nights? Do you prefer a hotel or a youth hostel? What do you expect from the hotel room? How many beds do you need? Do you want a room with a street view, etc.?
What do you want to do during your stay? Visiting museums? Going to the theater? Dinner in a four-star restaurant? List five interesting things you want to do.
3.2. Make plans
After you talk about what you want to do, make plans. You leave next weekend: you leave on Friday and return on Sunday evening. You travel by train: it is more convenient and cheaper. What time does your train leave? And when will it arrive? How long does the journey take?
Prepare a list with all information about museums and exhibitions, restaurants, shows, monuments, etc.
Discuss your plans with the whole class now!
3.3. After your visit: You describe your weekend.
Imagine one aspect of your trip / stay was great and the other a disaster. Make up details and use your imagination.
For example, you can discuss the train journey, the hotel, what you saw and did, whether you had fun, etc.
Compare Your Trips: Which trip was the most disastrous? Which was the funniest?