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The purpose of the site is to create the possibility to translate thoughts and feelings about history, architecture, dance, music, literature, poetry, audiovisual media and culture in general. It is a platform that reflects on time and environmental issues, and that wants to stimulate education, health and common wellness by sharing knowledge and wisdom.



Schools guarantee traditional education. The Magnet School Company wants to offer self-education courses for people who search also more specialized information about certain cultural topics or linguistic items. This education system wants that individuals grow faster in their personal discovery and body awareness.


This is your exploration room. It is a space where you can experience your language skills, your creative mind, your profound emotions and intuitive attitude. It will help you better understand your own reality. You can share an article, a memo, an engaging picture or an interesting video.

Do you wish to learn the best forms of music genres, philosophical ideas, Western art forms? Then the Magnet School Company is here to guide you with the best-suited courses in every type of aesthetic and linguistic domain. Enroll today to access the best in literature, music, dance, photography, cinema and fashion. Explore the possibilities of translating your thoughts and views about history, architecture, time and environmental issues. Audiovisual media, multiculturalism and much more. Live the zeal of diving into something traditional and exciting at the same time. The best and the safest space to learn and experience the history and culture of human civilization. We offer some of the best body and mind practices and we are a well-reputed name in the teaching of French literature & Communication techniques.


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“True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new.”

​​Antoine de Saint-Exupéry



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